Call for Magic Letters – Project Change

If you could change one thing about the world, how people live, behave or think, what would it be? Now imagine you have a magic letter (!) that can make your wish come true, but you have only one chance and up to 750 words to bring about a positive change or solve the problem. Who do you think would be the best person to receive your letter and execute your plan? [For example, a friend, your sister, neighbor, teacher, stranger, celebrity, government officer, call center worker, corporation, a boss, artificial intelligence, or a future prime minister, or yourself (why not!)….]

Now please write the letter convincing him or her to take positive action. Remember, your letter is the only chance we have as a species on earth; you are humanity’s last hope in the entire universe. Please choose your words wisely and creatively to save or change the world! In your letter, first introduce yourself, be polite, persuasive, honest and sharp. Tell us a personal incident or a story that made you aware of the problem. In a few sentences, describe the problem and why you care about it so much, and how it affects you or people around you. What do you think are the simple or obvious solutions to the problem? Now, why did you choose to address your letter to this person? Do you think s/he is part of the problem or the solution? Finally, tell us what would your school, street, neighborhood, office, country or the world look like if this issue or problem was solved.

Once you have carefully written, spell-checked, revised and edited your letter, send it to our email address submissions[@] with the following subject title: [Magic Letters: Your Name].

We’ll publish your magic letter on a website, and the best letters in a gorgeous book later this year! You can then send the link or the book to the powerful and influential friends you have! (If we like your letter or story enough, who knows we might want your photograph and a video interview too!)

Word Limit: 750 Words
Deadline: July 31st

If you have any questions, please write to @salik. And please share/forward this link to those you think might be interested to contribute and participate in our project for change:

All the best!


Sample Format:

Dear _[Choose the right person!]_,

– Paragraph 1: Personal Introduction
– Paragraph 2-3 – Explain the Problem – Tell us a personal story or incident that affected you
– Paragraph 4 – Solutions: What can be done to change or solve the problem
– Paragraph 5 – 6 – Changemaker: Why you believe the person receiving your letter can take action, be the change or solve the problem
– Paragraph 7: New World: What would the world look like if the problem was solved


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